From the day Gabriel starts working with Christine at the library, he turns her life upside-down with sizzling chemistry, bizarre stories, and incredible dreams. Dreams so vivid they feel like real life.

Christine’s friends think she’s falling for Gabriel fast but they don’t know about the secret life Gabriel and Christine are living at night. Who would believe her if she told? As the dreams become more dangerous, it’s clear they’re being orchestrated by someone. But who? And more importantly, why?

As Christine struggles to help Gabriel unravel the secrets of the dreamworld, she risks her closest friendships, her college plans, and maybe even her life.

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Editorial Reviews

This intriguing story is told from both Christine's and Gabriel's point of view in alternating chapters. This will appeal to fans of the Abandon series by Meg Cabot.--Deborah L. Dubois, Voice of Youth Advocates (02/01/2014)

"Told in very short chapters with alternating points-of-view, Dream Girl tells an enticing story of friendship, adventure, and determining one's path in life. The writing is simple, but emotions run high, and you can feel Christine and Gabriel's confusion and frustration as they try to deal with otherworldly happenings."
Reviewed by Randy-Lynne Wach - San Francisco Book Review

Gabriel and Christine are prepped and ready for entrance into a top secret government agency. It should be a cinch for Gabriel to ace his final test while Christine prepares to enter training and say goodbye to her friends.But on the eve of Gabriel’s test, at a time when Christine’s friends need her most, a disturbing development threatens everything. An anonymous enemy sets them in a race against time to rid the agency of deep seated corruption and sabotage before the unthinkable happens. Who can they trust?To save themselves and everyone who matters to them, they must choose their allegiances wisely, and risk it all, friends, future, their very lives. Will they succeed or die trying?This thrilling conclusion to Dream Girl can also be read on its own as a complete novel.

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Editorial Reviews

"Lomas's prose is solid and boasts excellent descriptions. Certain aspects of this novel's premise have appeared in other books, but they haven't appeared all together as they do here. And the combination works, making this feel new and fresh." - The BookLife Prize

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Libraries are a unique entity. Many independent authors want to work effectively with libraries but it's not as easy as asking the library to buy a book. In this book, you'll learn how libraries work and what you can do to increase the chances of your book making it onto library shelves. Sarah Perry has a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Wayne State University. Having worked in libraries for over 20 years, she also writes fiction as S.J. Lomas and understands what both authors and librarians want for their books. In this book, you'll learn how libraries get their book budgets, the specific process librarians use to select items for the collection, and what you can do to increase the chances that your book will be accepted into the library collection. Bonus appendices include Dewey Decimal categories, sample Sell Sheet, and how to plan a Local Author Event for your public library.


NEW For Winter 2020

In the spirit of seasonal ghost stories, this wintry collection will send a tingle down your spine, but may also warm your heart.

Six short stories range from waiting for a mysterious midnight train, attending a party with an unexpected guest, a life-changing reunion for a miserable family, receiving a holiday greeting unlike any other, a visit from an unusual group of carolers, and a journey through a blizzard with a twist. 

Grab a blanket, your favorite hot drink, and settle in for some Winter Chills.

Stories included:
By D.B. Carter: Departures and Arrivals
The Christmas Card

By Derek R. King: Defying Convention

By S.J. Lomas: The Holiday Party
The Carolers

By Natalie Reeves-Billing: Go With the Wind


Editorial Reviews

"Winter Chills is able to balance conciseness with intrigue through the use of excellent writing. Every author is engaging and great when narrating events. Winter Chills is an exceptional book that is perfect for short bouts of reading that will awaken your curiosity about ghosts and how humans relate with them." - Literary Titan

A collection of poems that explore the themes of creativity, music, love, friendship, and pure fantasy. These simple verses are for long time poetry readers or those who simply wish for a brief respite from the world around them.


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